Teufelsberg – NSA’s Spy Station in Berlin


Teufelsberg is probably one of the most interesting places I’ve had the chance to visit. German for the Devil’s Mountain, it is the site of an abandon NSA Spy Station. During the Cold War, the U.S. & British intelligence used the station to spy on the Soviets. But when the Berlin Wall came down, the Americans and Brits packed their bags and ditched the joint. Anything worth anything was stripped and taken along time ago. Currently the site is a great detour from the city.

Getting there was pretty easily, (Thank you Google Maps) but me and my boyfriend took a bit of a longer route. We took the train to the Heerstrasse train station. The station was only about 30 minutes from the city and we decided to hike the rest of the way. Google estimates the walk to the base and up the mountain to be about another 30 minute. I can’t tell you if it really took that long, because it was so beautiful we didn’t really care. The road along the base was so tranquil and green! It was a gorgeous site.


While we were waking the base we decided to venture off Google’s suggested route. I know this sounds like a bad idea, but Google did reroute itself and the detour did have a path that was clearly made. But do not do it if you are not comfortable with the idea of being alone in the woods while going up a steep hill. The normal route was vastly more populated.


Once we got to the entrance we were greeted by a man selling entrance fees. Now I’ll be honest, I don’t think this man and his friends have any real authority to sell entrance fees, but they have clearly been doing this for a while. And personally I didn’t think it was worth it to get into an argument over it. The fee was 7 euros, with a discount for students at 5 euros.

The site was amazing. The art, the domes. All worth the hike up. It was everything I expected and more!


More pictures to come!




8 hour layover in London and of course it drizzles.

Tip when flying into Gatwick Airport – Once you land and head for the boarder entrance just enter through the  EU Passport entrance. The Non-EU entrance just makes you walk in a bit of a circle to get to the right line. You can get there faster by just going straight there from the EU Passport entrance. I’m also going to assume to EU entrance is going to one day change to “UK Passport.”


A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to have an amazing meal full of CHEESE. You might of seen this video floating around the internet and my boyfriend wanted to go immediately. We decided to swing by after a Sunday movie and the next reservation was 4 hours away. Personally I didn’t want to wait, but Eugene was so excited to try it. Luckily the the restaurant, Raclette, was in my neighborhood so we hung out for a bit. And boy was it worth it! The cheese! The meat! The cheese!

We plan on going back for dinner. Unfortunately not anytime soon. The place is booked through May! However, if you head over you can make same day reservations right outside the restaurant with the hostess. She fills in any cancellation or late arrives with anyone willing to wait/walk over hoping to get lucky.