If you didn’t know China has a pretty cool rule that allows you to enter the country without a visa for up to 72 hours. There are regulations of course. For starters you can only enter under this rule if you are in transit to another country. In other words, China cannot be your final destination. It can only be your layover country. Also, only travelers from 51 countries are allowed to take advantage of this policy.

I had the chance to take advantage of this policy when I was leaving Japan. I had 16 hours to see whatever I could. And I decided to see The Great Wall of China. One more Wonder of the World down. 🙂



8 hour layover in London and of course it drizzles.

Tip when flying into Gatwick Airport – Once you land and head for the boarder entrance just enter through the  EU Passport entrance. The Non-EU entrance just makes you walk in a bit of a circle to get to the right line. You can get there faster by just going straight there from the EU Passport entrance. I’m also going to assume to EU entrance is going to one day change to “UK Passport.”