Go-Karting in Tokyo

I do not know how to drive. As a New Yorker I never saw the point. I mean there’s the train, Uber even CitiBike. Learning to drive was just never a priority and it never really mattered. Until I went to Japan. Apparently, over there you can dress up a character from Mario or a […]

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The Unborn 

Tokyo is truly a memorable place. From the Imperial Palace to Shibuya Crossing. Tokyo has a lot to see but there is a garden full of color and solace that will truly stop you in your tracks. It’s the Garden of the Unborn Children of Japan. Located right by Tokyo Tower and the Zokoji Temple, The Garden […]

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The Wall

If you didn’t know China has a pretty cool rule that allows you to enter the country without a visa for up to 72 hours. There are regulations of course. For starters you can only enter under this rule if you are in transit to another country. In other words, China cannot be your final […]

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Le Taxi Jaune

If you want to enjoy an intimate bistro in Paris you need to head to Le Taxi Jaune. It is located at 13 rue Chapon. Be aware that the menu is in French and is constantly changing so you can’t really review it ahead of time. No need to worry though, I’ve been there a […]

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Metropolitain Rokin 81 Amsterdam, Netherlands One of the best breakfasts in Amsterdam. You will not regret it.

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The Heineken Experience

On my third trip to Amsterdam I decided to go to the The Heineken Experience. It took this long to go because I wasn’t sure if the tour would be worth it. I’ve gone to some pretty bad brewery tours and the reviews on this one varied from either really awesome or just not worth […]

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