Go-Karting in Tokyo

I do not know how to drive. As a New Yorker I never saw the point. I mean there’s the train, Uber even CitiBike. Learning to drive was just never a priority and it never really mattered. Until I went to Japan. Apparently, over there you can dress up a character from Mario or a superhero and drive around Tokyo in go-kart! They call it MariCar.

But I cannot drive so I could not take part in this awesome experience. My boyfriend, however could. He went and got a international drivers license, which is required for foreigners. An appointment was set and he took off. He went all over the streets of Tokyo, with a guide and saw the city from such an amazing vantage point.

I cannot lie, I was so disappointed I couldn’t take part in the fun, but I’m glad Eugene was able to enjoy it. Maybe I should actually learn how to drive and get my license. We plan going back in the near future.


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