Le Taxi Jaune




If you want to enjoy an intimate bistro in Paris you need to head to Le Taxi Jaune. It is located at 13 rue Chapon. Be aware that the menu is in French and is constantly changing so you can’t really review it ahead of time. No need to worry though, I’ve been there a handful of times and there always seems to be someone who can speak English to help you. However, I recommend going at night when the owner, Otis, is around. Otis is not only running the kitchen but he is also your server. He is pretty fluent in English and he will walk you through the menu. He will also recommend dishes and a great wine to go along with your meal. If you do have the chance to meet him, you will see that he cares about the food and the service.

Another thing to mention about the restaurant is that they are known for their horse steak. I was very hesitant to try it at first so I didn’t order it. However, my boyfriend went right for it and he loved it. He wouldn’t stop talking about it during dinner so I decided to try a piece. I instantly regretted not ordering it. Now, I ordered the duck and it was juicy, flavorful and perfectly seasoned but the horse was on another level. It was so tender, perfectly cooked and surprisingly really good.

Of course, you don’t need to get the horse to have an amazing meal here, but every time we’re in Paris we head over to Taxi Jaune and have the horse steak.

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